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Skunk2 Racing

Skunk2 Honda/Acura 6-Speed Billet Shift Knob (10mm x 1.5mm) (Apprx. 440 Grams)

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Skunk2 Shift Knobs are machined from billet stainless steel and feature a PVD titanium coating that resists scratching and wear. Skunk2 Shift Knobs are custom-weighted to over 400-grams and designed to be used in conjunction with the Skunk2 Racing Short-Throw Shifters. The added weight of the shift knob helps promote smoother and more positive shifting. This combination provides the ultimate in positive shift engagement for high-performance drag racing, road racing, and street performance applications. The Skunk2 Racing Shift Knob also provides a great enhancement to any shift lever application with a 10 X 1.5, 10 X 1.25 or 12 X 1.25 thread pitch in 5 or 6 speed applications. Skunk2 Shift Knobs and Short Shifters are available separately.

* CNC-Machined From Billet Stainless Steel

* Custom-Weighted to over 400g

* Scratch and Wear Resistant PVD Titanium Coating

* Available In 5 or 6 Speed

* S2 Knob and Shifter for Perfect Combination

* Smoother and More Positive Shift Feel