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Michelin PILOT SPORT A/S 3+

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All-Season Ultra-High Performance Passenger Car tire.


* Variable Contact Patch 3.0 * Aggressive asymmetric tread design * Extreme amounts of silica in the tread combined with variable thickness sipes and large circumferential grooves * Helio+ Compound™ combined with unique biting edges in the tread grooves * 45,000 Mile / 70,000km Manufacturer's Treadwear Limited Warranty (Speed Rating: H, V, W & Y) * 30,000 Mile Manufacturers Treadwear Limited Warranty (ZP Speed Rating (Y)) * Standard Limited Warranty (All Michelin® Tires)


* Originally developed for endurance racing, distributes forces and temperatures evenly over the contact patch for better dry grip* Result in incredible wet grip and resistance to hydroplaning in deep water* Grab snow to help acceleration and braking for confident mobility in cold and snowy conditions