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KraftWerks 14-15 Polaris RZR XP / RZR XP 4 1000 Supercharger Kit

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The Kraftwerks Performance RZR XP® Supercharger System is engineered to produce the ultimate in powered performance for Polaris RZR riders. Whether it’s loose sand, dusty trails or steep rock climbing, Kraftwerks Performance knows that power is the name of the game.

The heart-pounding system delivers over 150hp and 110+ lb-ft. of torque – that’s increased horsepower and torque vs. the stock RZR. This easy to install, bolt-on system features a compact Rotrex C15-60 unit with a CNC billet mount for instant boost and no turbo lag.

It’s supported by an aluminum plenum and a sealed drive belt to prevent contaminants from entering when exposed to various climates. In other words, dominate every dune and face mud with confidence. Unlike other bolt-on systems, the RZR XP® Supercharger System features a hefty sleek black intercooler and two powder coated aluminum intercooler pipes that are sure to make heads turn! This groundbreaking RZR XP® supercharger kit is engineered to propel you into the winner’s circle.


*Features & Benefits:*

* Over 150 horsepower and 110+ lb-ft. of torque

* CNC machined billet unit mounting


* Aluminum housing

* Large intercooler for improved airflow

* Lightweight, powder coated aluminum intercooler piping

* Aluminum plenum to maintain compression

* 1” blow off valve prevents compressor surges

* Simple bolt on installation (5-8hrs)

* Mud and water submersible


*Kit Includes:*

* Rotrex C15-60 blower

* Intercooler piping, intercooler, supercharger housing, plenum

* Rotrex cooling System: Oil cooler, canister, filter, and hosing

* Two Grams Performance 550cc injectors

* 1” blow off valve

* 7.5psi pulley included in the base kit

* All hardware is included * Detailed installation instructions

* Dynojet power commander base map