KraftWerks 13-17 FR-S / BRZ 30mm C38 Supercharger Kit – H.A.R. WHEELS
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KraftWerks 13-17 FR-S / BRZ 30mm C38 Supercharger Kit

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* Available with a silver or black anodized drive housing
* Available with or without EcuTek engine management
* Ultra high efficiency
* Silent operation
* Low operating temperatures
* Self contained lubrication and cooling system
* High reliability

*Independent Drive System*
* Does not share belt with engine accessories for greater reliability
* If the drive belt breaks, you won’t be left stranded
* Allows for more flexible offset supercharger placement

*Toothed Belt System*
* Zero slip under the heaviest loads and hardest accelerations
* Low belt tension eliminates radial load on supercharger nose bearing, thus improving reliability

*Offset Supercharger Placement*
* Allows for greater clearance around belts, thus reducing chances for rubbing
* Allows for simple and more efficient tubing layout
* No poorly designed, inefficient and goofy-looking custom hoses/tubing into the throttle body
* Allows for a single shot from the ‘cold air’ intake section of the front bumper

*Cold Air Intake*
* Filter location in front of the radiator in the ‘cold air’ section inside the front bumper
* Minimum 20°F cooler intake temperatures under the hood

*Easily Upgradeable*
* Dual bolt patterns on the mounting plate allow enthusiast to easily upgrade to the larger Rotrex supercharger head units capable of up to 700bhp

*Optimized Tubing and Intercooler Layout*
* 2.5” mandrel bent aluminum hot side tubing into intercooler made possible because of newly designed
washer bottle (included)
* 3.0” mandrel bent aluminum cold side tubing into throttle body made possible because of independent drive
and offset supercharger configuration
* 11-row high efficiency intercooler
* Lower intake air temperatures than all other systems
* Intercooler good up to 460whp

*Ease of Installation and Tuning*
* Simple bolt-on installation. No cutting, drilling, or welding
* 8 hours installation time (approximate)