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Honda EG/DC/EK with EKK2 mounts K-Series Basic Axle Level 0 -Right

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Civic EG/DC/EK with EKK2 mounts K-series swap (using K20 RSX/Si Intermediate Bar). These are the new Level 0 performance axles. Using a chromoly center bar, a real billet inner cv with a larger oversized tripod and a new heat treat on our 1117 billet outer. The outer cv is custom made with a single arc design; this is a time/wear advantage over the factory Honda dual arc design that tends to wear out prematurely. This is a superior axle for any stock replacement or swap. Axles come with removable ABS rings. These axles are designed as an alternative to cheap re-builts or inferior aftermarket axles on the market today. It is a quality axle and better than any Mount company's "Swap" axle, it's just not what we would consider a real racing axle (sorry no warranty against breakage). If you don't see axles you need just email us, we can make anything. Price listed is for both left and right axles