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Grams Performance

Grams Performance VW MK4 Large Port Intake Manifold - Raw Aluminum

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Grams Performance Intake Manifolds are designed to be a direct bolt-in replacement for the stock intake manifold, and features a modular design, with a rotatable plenum that allows for driver side or passenger side throttle body locations.

Featuring a larger plenum, the Grams Performance & Design High Flow Intake Manifold was engineered not only for high-horsepower, big turbo builds, but also to offer noticeable improvements in low-end and mid-range power, even on stock turbo configurations.


* Manufactured from A356 Using Low-Pressure Die Casting for Superior Quality and Surface Finish

* High Flow and High-Velocity Tapered Runners

* Large Low-Profile Airhorns and Smooth Plenum Interior for Improved Airflow Characteristics

* Angled Runners and Indexed Throttle Body Position for Optimal Fitment and Intake Routing

* "Stealth" Mounting Bosses for Nitrous or Methanol Injection

* Provisions for Stock or Larger Aftermarket Throttle Bodies

* Complete with Vacuum Provisions - No Extra Vacuum Manifold Needed!

* Available In Large Port and Small Port Configurations

*What's Included:*

* Vacuum Port Fittings

* Vacuum Port Plugs

* Copper Sealing Washers

* Plenum-to-Runner Gasket

* Plenum-to-Runner Hardware