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1320 Performance

1320 Performance Manual timing belt tensioner B series GSR LS B20 lsvtec b18c SI

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Applications: All B-Series Honda/Acura engines. Please note that power steering must be deleted and timing belt cover must be removed.

We developed our Manual timing belt tensioner because all the available ones that's for sale on the market have many fitment issue that require end user to modify or trim part of the cylinder head and block if you install one of these on a GSR. ls/vtec b20/vtec etc you know what i am talking about this to us is simply unacceptable so we spend the last 4 months working with our CNC guy and develop this product . Honda and acura B series especially ones with high duration cam shaft or milled heads are known to Slap excessively along the long front side of the timing cover. This excess slack in the timing belt can cause the belt to skipping one or more teeth on the cam gears. A skipped tooth caught in time can result in a lost of a race due to reduce engine power but if not caught it can result in piston to valve contact which requires an engine overhaul. This can all be prevented by installing our 1320 Performance manual timing belt tensioner, our tensioner will properly support the front side of the timing belt to take away the slack. The unit bolts up directly to the stock Honda block and replaces the lower power steering bracket. Please note that the tensioner will require the delete of the factory power steering system and removal of the timing belt cover.