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Cusco Street Zero Toyota 2016 + 14-Way Adjustable Coilovers

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  • $ 1,098

- Front: Fix Damper Rate - Street spec / Rear: 14-way Adjustable (Dial)
- Full threaded front shock cartridge for adjusting ride height.
  (Not Pre-load Ride Height type)
- Spring Rate:
  • Front 5kgf/mm (Optional 6kgf/mm spring is available on order)
  • Rear 4.5kgf/mm
- Default Low-Down Amount:
  • Front -25mm (Adjustable Range -30mm to -5mm)
  • Rear -30mm (Adjustable Range -40mm to -15mm)
- Upper Mounts: Not included b/ Re-use Factory Upper Mounts
- Overhaul: Not available - Replacement shock cartridge are available.