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Junk Box BBQ/Car Meet

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Junk Box BBQ/Car Meet

I can not describe the gratitude and appreciation I felt when I was presented with this award from Junk Box. Cars and races is not just a hobby of mine its a life style, my life style that I have taken pride in learning the mechanic trade and building a business that I have put my all into. Junk Box has followed us and helped us network and build clientele. They support our dream and vision as I support theirs as well. I am thankful for being a part of their Annual BBQ/Car Meet and I look forward to being a part of future bbqs and car meets. Thank you once again for the support and followings of everyone. Make sure you continue to support us and I hope to see everyone next year.

Following pictures are of the Junk Box Annual BBQ/Car Meet in Jersey City on July 30, 2017:

Raffle Winner Sponsored by H.A.R.Wheels



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